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that supports organizations to pivot their people, sales and innovation engines,
We are a coaching and organization development consulting company
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Startup/Agile Business: What engine of your business you tweak to get on the path of sustainable growth and momentum?

MNC/Large Enterprise: What do you do to optimise the coherency of your business model for the murky future?
If You Are :


Alchemists (Who we are)

  • Global business experience
  • Leadership roles in different business settings and industries
  • Bring richness in learning via blend of eastern and western cultures
  • Practitioners, thinkers, academicians
  • Ivy League education and experience

Praxis (Way We Work)

  • Frameworks informed by diverse experiences, research and relevance
  • Models based on practical experience, reflection, research and results
  • Methodologies emphasize engaging, executing, experimenting and renewing
  • Tools reflect best-in-class global standards and refined to support local culture

Clients (We Work With)

  • MNCs, Global Conglomerates, Large Enterprises, SMEs and Start-ups
  • BFSI, IT/ITES, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Management Consulting and Media
  • C-Suite, Founders, Executive Leadership and Middle Management

Who are you

MNC/Large Enterprise…

For decades, we have been successfully supporting leaders in the organisations to be the ‘Pivot’ for exponential sustainable ‘Growth & Renewal’ of the business. Our mastery in people, leadership and innovation leverages techniques, modalities and frameworks which are well grounded in research. We at Recalibrate work with MNCs and Large Enterprises with a single-minded focus on moving them and their people towards mastery in achieving huge unbelievable goals.

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Ignition Programs

Startup/Agile Business…..

The challenges and opportunities that Startups and Agile Businesses represent require a highly nuanced and integrated approach to igniting momentum and fostering sustained growth. We at Recalibrate work with Startups and Agile Businesses at different stages of their growth trajectory across 4 key engines: People, Sales, Innovation and Finance. Working directly with Founders, CEOs and other core team members we make an immediate and lasting impact on your business outcomes!

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What our clients say?