5 Critical Essentials When Hiring A Leadership Coach

14 Aug 2018

5 Critical Essentials When Hiring A Leadership Coach

Hiring an executive-leadership master coach and organization development consulting firm is now a well-established practice among growth-minded businesses looking to transform performances of their high potential leaders. Qualified and experienced coaches can go a long way in removing some of the mindset-related challenges that hold back organisations from innovation and quantum growth.

If you have the weighty task of bringing on the “right” leadership development coach or a coaching consultancy, here are some essentials that can help you make your decision:

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Given that leadership coaching is an unregulated industry, there are many people who claim to be coaches. It’s important to assess qualifications and experience of coaches which will help ensure you get the value and rigour from a coaching process. Columbia University as an example is among the most reputed and sought after program for executive and corporate coaching. 

Know The Underpinning

Its important to assess what is the underpinning or foundation of the coaches you intend to hire, as many coaches have their practice grounded in Neuroscience, Organizational Behaviour, Whole Brain Thinking , Emotional Intelligence and others.

Asking some of these questions can help establish the underpinning of the coaches :

  • How much experience does the coaches or coaching consultancy have in working across global organizations?
  • Have they worked across multiple cultures, geographies & industries?
  • What strategic orientation and practical experience the coach brings to the table?
  • What assessments are they certified in across multiple seniority levels ?
  • How much of research-based, rich, real-time learning experience they bring to the coaching space?

Process Parameters

Get familiar with the coach/coaching company’s process and assess if that is something that fits the current needs of your organisation. Most of the coaches bring in the tools and techniques but not really the process. One of the most established coaching process comes from Columbia University. It is structured and the coachee knows exactly where he or she is during the whole journey which gives a lot of confidence to the coachee.

Coaching can also be a time commitment as it can vary in duration from a few weeks to several months. It’s also important to assess the intent of why you want coaching in the first place. Are you seeking a solution to help your leaders transition to larger roles and responsibilities, or manage cultural change from a merger or acquisition or resolve a particular strategic organisational challenge? Or are you wanting your leaders to have a permanent shift in mindset in order to bring about transformational changes from “Growth and Renewal” perspective.

Chemistry Matters

It’s absolutely critical that in order for any coaching engagement to succeed, the coach and the coachee have to have a great degree of chemistry or compatibility that evokes trust and confidence in the coach. Are the coaches patient and personable that will be a strong motivating factor for the coachees?

 The best coaches help their clients become more self-reliant. Are they good listeners or do they have pre-conceived notions of contexts and situations?

 All About Outcomes

 What has been the track record for the coaches in ensuring beneficial outcomes for their past clients? Do they have the relevant case studies or success stories that might prove useful in assessing whether their approach is aligned to your business needs? How do they ensure the organization get the ROI they sign up for ?

Are the coaches committed enough to ensure the best outcomes from the processes or are they purely transactional? Are your organisation and leaders also willing to commit themselves to a coaching process and to its unique requirements?


 To learn more about coaching and start a conversation with a leadership coach, contact vishal@recalibrate.world

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