Advisory Case Studies

Leading Enterprise Integration Solutions Organization(Serving clients globally)

Situation: The client had seen regular sales growth which has been largely organic and non-structured. The company had been able to build an impressive list of referenceable global clients in its growth journey without establishing a formal sales strategy or process. It had also not fully leveraged those sales wins into additional revenue opportunities (farming). While it had a handful of US based customers, its primary focus had been the UK and Europe with some clients in Southeast Asia. The key products and associated ancillary products of the client constituted two potentially separate but related sales opportunities.The CEO & CTO were plateauing and were looking at an early exit from the organisation in the next few years.

Objective: Client wanted to devise a comprehensive Sales & Marketing strategy for business renewal & growth. The preference was to grow the business in UK, Europe & Asia and possibly target the US aggressively as well.


A 10 month journey was engineered for the client which started with a 2 day intense workshop with the CEO & CTO flying down to India. Before getting into the workshop they were administered an Saville EntreCode Assessment which assesses an individual on 6 core entrepreneur dimensions. A 1:1 feedback session of the assessment followed by multiple pain-storming sessions focusing on the customers & industry needs, the client was trying to solve were set up. The sessions started unfolding a backward journey on aligning the sales & marketing strategy to their end goals.

Post the workshop a team of domain experts (People, Sales, Business, Technology) was involved with the client helping them refining & executing the sales & marketing strategy. The CEO & CTO were on a 6 month ‘Executive Coaching’ journey helping them anchor the development gaps which surfaced from the assessment.

2 months into the journey, the technology domain expert visited the client premises in their home country to assess the technology efficacy focusing on serving the current customer needs and evolving trends in their domain.


What started as an assignment to create & support in executing the Sales & Marketing strategy evolved as a complete business transformation journey.

  • The top team got clarity on the overall vision & their specific contribution in it
  • CEO and CTO committed to 2 stretch goals for the next 3 month period which were aligned to the new strategy
  • Cascaded the vision & aligned the entire team on the new strategy
  • The quality of their conversations shifted from transactional to relational at all levels
  • Deepened relationships with its premium customers and opened up references in newer geographies
  • Ramp up in the sales team to support the evolving organization structure informed from the complete business turnaround strategy.

The outcome of the technology assessment was a ‘Pivot’ moment for the organization and gave them a completely new direction in terms of the value they can build for their clients through futuristic technologies.

The CEO & CTO are now looking at a new start for the next decade. They also are in process of raising funds to grow the business exponentially.

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