We understand the woes and challenges in relation to attracting and retaining top talent, highly engaged employees and agile learning. We bring deep understanding of some of the most effective and innovative methodologies to increase employee engagement, productivity and overall health of the organization.


Companies often find themselves struggling to gain or maintain sales momentum for various reasons. Seeking quick fixes don’t work. Globally successful companies rely on highly optimized, scalable and extensible Sales Engines to propel their businesses forward. We bring in our own unique Sales Engine Framework©. We recalibrate the existing DNA of a sales organization to bring Buyer Facilitation© to the epicenter of your organization’s sales focus.


As an entrepreneur or business leader, one understands that businesses have to exist in VUCAD© environment with a focus on shareholder value creation. With our Finance Mastery, we develop practical recommendations for a broad range of corporate finance issues to help our clients enhance the value of their business in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.


Technology deployed or adopted strategically and astutely can be a game changer in your company’s growth & transformation journey. Recalibrate’s Technology Advisors are experts in their respective domains and can advise you on emerging technologies, help evaluate competing technologies, refine technology product roadmaps and competitively position your technology in the global marketplace. Most importantly, our advisors understand and speak the language of business, “geek-speak” is limited to conversations with fellow technologists.