Program variants: Virtual and In-person 


Program History

Dr E. Paul Torrance coined the word “Beyonders” to describe those at the very high end of creative achievement.

Over forty years ago, he began a study of a high school class in a school known for its high enrolment of gifted students. The senior students then responded to follow-up questionnaires in 1966, 1970, and 1990. From the study, Torrance was able to identify several common characteristics among the Beyonders.

It was found that thirty to forty years later, the Beyonders

  • loved the work they were doing,
  • were persistent,
  • had a clear future-focused self-image,
  • never restricted their field of exploration,
  • possessed a range of experiences and high energy levels,
  • enjoyed challenges,
  • took pleasure in discovering the reason behind things,
  • and possessed high levels of courage.

Program DNA

What is playing in the ORDINARY Zone

Through tools, techniques and reflective inquiry, you will be able to IDENTIFY where are you and your organization “Ordinary”

Venture out of the ORDINARY to STRETCH zone

The journey to beyondness begins in the ‘Stretch’ zone when we venture out of the ‘Ordinary’. Participants will leverage Whole Brain techniques to SHAPE the ‘Future’ self and organization.

Embark on the journey to BEYONDER zone

Once the participants find the rhythm and energy of the stretch zone, they are then ready to EMBARK on the ‘Beyonder’ zone. This is where leaders are able to demonstrate characteristics of “Beyonder” teams and individuals and leverage Beyonder tools to pivot the organization

International Beyonder Faculty