Snippets from extensive research done by Recalibrate in 2017 on India Innovation Climate 

  • What mindsets(brain preferences) are key to innovation?
  • How do we determine/assess whether organization has an innovative mindset?
  • What are some of the traits/brain preferences of innovative mindset leaders?
  • What are barriers to having an innovation mindset?

Indian organizations continue to look for proof-of-success and assurances of immediate or near- term results. The appetite for risk-taking is still quite low. Many organizations have a culture that promotes the solicitation of multiple viewpoints and perspectives. Some organizations even encourage and promote “blue sky” thinking and allow employees to ask, “what if” questions. However, most organizations are uncomfortable with ambiguity and unknown/unpredictable business outcomes.

India Innovation Climate Study 2017 : Find the entire research here 

Organization Challenge

  • Does your organization have brilliant people on board but innovation remains a challenge?
  • Has your innovation methodology yielded mixed results?
  • Do the employees in your organization challenge their current knowledge, processes and working systems?

If you identify with any of the above pain areas, then like most organizations, you are up against the biggest hurdle to innovation : 

The mindset shift required to see sustained results

 How Are Organizations Changing

Organizations are increasingly looking for brilliance beyond ‘business as usual’, ‘creative problem solving’ and ‘speed of execution’. They want to see a shift in mindset : from ‘Status quo’ to ‘Innovative’ 

– Dr. Deep Bali

What is GENIUS


A 12 week journey to bring transformational mindset shifts in your organization’s culture and develop an innovator’s mindset 

The entire journey is anchored through group/team coaching. It focusses on:

  • Going from ordinary to beyond
  • 8 dimensional thinking for ‘Beyonder creativity’ (based on Whole Brain Thinking)
  • Traits of an innovator (based on Da vinci)
  • Key innovative cultural imperatives and values

GENIUS© accelerates in shifting the focus towards: 

  • Insatiable curious approach to life which stimulates imagination
  • Being wired for growth : A belief that that one’s abilities can expand
  • Strong commitment to challenge existing knowledge through experience, persistence and having willingness to learn from mistakes
  • Multi dimensional thinking and finding the right balance between science, art, logic & imagination

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Assured Business Outcomes

  • Become a catalyst: Promote new initiatives by offering insights and by putting forward their approaches
  • Foster creative and conceptual environment where original thought is valued
  • Create a vision for the future and demonstrate thought leadership
  • Decisively deal with crisis situations
  • Combine a drive to achieve with a willingness to challenge the approaches of others
  • High likelihood of identifying superior business opportunities
  • Sound decision making
  • Using whole brain thinking in coming up with solutions- Overcoming “Focusing illusion”
  • Ensure best ideas are adopted even if its not one’s own