Innovation Mentoring

You are :

  • Any forward-looking Entrepreneur, Founder or CEO is focused on how they can generate, sustain or manage their growth.
  • Any MNC or Large Enterprise is focused on how they can gain a competitive edge, retain valued employees and grow their business.

Our Approach

As Growth Alchemists, we at Recalibrate are laser-focused on devising innovative ways and means to rapidly propel our client’s business growth. Our approach to innovation is to help instill within our clients an innovator mindset (Genius©: Our proprietary framework for developing an innovator mindset, innovative praxis and nurturing spaces to innovate. Building a scalable Innovation Engine that integrates critical modalities with ground-breaking research and industry-leading best practices is our core strength. Our Innovation Mentoring combines best-in-class conceptual approaches with real-world business experience to create innovation-led transformational change within those organizations that retain us as mentors.


Why Recalibrate?

Building a successful Innovation Engine requires a multi-disciplinary, multi-mastery, multi-faceted approach. Recalibrate’s Growth Alchemists work as a tightly integrated, well-coordinated team. We bring real-world global innovation experience, cutting-edge tooling/techniques, neuroscience frameworks and technical prowess to bear on today’s innovation challenges.  No other organization brings together such a potent mix of experience, expertise and excellence to the table.

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Case Studies

A technology design house specializing in product development, R&D and innovation

The company had grown organically without establishing a clear line-of-sight and without a defined sense of purpose or direction.  Consequently, it had seen its growth plateau and dip for several quarters with employee morale at an all-time low.  In a very short period of 3-months the company re-aligned themselves with renewed purpose and vision.  People and Sales Engines were recalibrated and renewed.

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A digital product and technology development company that helps startups and corporations launch web, mobile, and social software solutions.  

The company had grown organically without any dedicated sales resources.  Growing rapidly since inception, it had come to depend on a handful of larger clients for a bulk of its revenue.  In 2016, one of its major US based clients went out of business. The intervention allowed the company to understand what its’ desired market positioning needs to be and what its’ true USP in that market could be.  The company was also able to develop a short-term plan to address deficiencies.

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