9 May 2018

7 Vitals To Become An Extraordinary Executive and Life Coach

Musings: Informed from experimentation, setbacks, excellent feedback and successes from over a decade of coaching tens of CEO’s, Senior leaders and Business leaders from across industries, cultures and geographies in MNC’s, large enterprises and start-ups.  1.    Setting expectations and contracting: This forms the foundation and guiding principles that set the frame in the coaching journey with...
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30 Apr 2018

The Confluence of Leadership Coaching And Technology Is Here To Stay. Here’s Why.

In conversation with Dr. Deep Bali, ACI Columbia University and CEO of Recalibrate, an agile leadership coaching and organization development consulting company, and Devang Shah, CEO of Sproutlogix, an AI technology company focused on employee development and engagement, Deep and Devang share views and predictions on what role technology will play in shaping the future...
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20 Mar 2018

5 Business Reasons Why You Should Let Your Teams Say No

There’s no doubt that allowing a workplace or a team environment that actively encourages dissent is neither common nor easy. Culture aside, there’s a tendency among managers to stick to the status quo and maintain a strong perception of an inviolable authority figure. The Indian technology and services industry, in particular, is infamous for its...
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15 Mar 2018

4 Reasons Why Your Sales Function Is Underperforming

Most leaders are all too familiar with the sinking feeling when after spending months on developing and launching a new product, sales aren’t anywhere near what you’ve been projecting to your investors and partners. Or maybe after a solid sales run, the growth seems to be tapering or plateauing. If you’re like most people, you’re...
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12 Mar 2018

Dr. Deep Bali accepted into Forbes Coaches Council

Dr. Deep Bali, Columbia Executive coach ACI, Columbia University and a CEO & Leadership Coach, has been accepted into the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only community for leading business and career coaches. Deep joins other Forbes Coaches Council members, who are hand-selected, to become part of a curated network of successful peers and get access...
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16 Feb 2018

Is Your Leadership Style Eastern or Western? Does it Matter?

Do you subscribe to the Eastern ethos of exalting family and relationships above all else, or is your personal code more attuned with the Western individualism ideals? Even if you swear by one or the other, chances are you likely mimic the behaviours learned over time from parents, peers, managers or other social groups. There...
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3 Dec 2017

Innovation Management – Think Beyond The Seed

Do you have a green thumb? Enjoy a spot of backyard gardening? If so, then you’d know that as important as it is to start with quality, high yielding seeds, it’s clearly not enough. Firstly, you need the right soil, and that soil requires preparatory work in order to ensure that there is adequate nutrition and...
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21 Aug 2017

The Leader of Tomorrow is ‘Wearing Lipstick’

‘Wearing lipstick’ is a metaphor I have used for many leaders and executives who I have coached and continue to coach, to describe the ‘Shakti’ (feminine) energy which exists in men and women along with ‘Shiva’ (masculine) energy. I draw the attention of leaders to specifically leverage and nurture the energy of ‘Shakti’ in order...
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9 Aug 2017

Are you a Resource or an Instrument?

Your curiosity is perhaps piqued by the above question. Ever tried asking yourself the following double barrelled questions: “Why are you doing what you are doing? “For whom are you doing what you are doing”? I am compelled to ask these questions to most of the transformational coaching clients I closely work with, and the...
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20 Jul 2017

Do executive coaches you engage get you the expected ROI?

Recalibrate holds the credible distinction of being the only “Coaching & Consulting” organization in India which follows the Global Columbia Coaching Methodology. Our Columbia University certified coaches have strengthened the capability of C-suite executives in Fortune 500 organizations. We follow Columbia’s cutting edge-latest adult learning methodologies for “GROWTH & RENEWAL” based on techniques which are:...
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