SCULPT : Leader as a Coach

A 12 week well-grounded journey for leaders to develop their coaching muscle


Our approach to ‘internal coaching skills’ program draws on our experience as business leaders in various global settings, multiple decades of coaching and understanding challenges leaders face while developing their teams and the Columbia coaching process : One of the most grounded and researched .. 

The program is cohesive to the current work environment and will further be contextualized to client’s context. The overall learning is anchored through a robust 3 month journey which includes:

  • Action learning
  • Feedback
  • Monitoring progress

Learning Objectives 

  • To understand the process of coaching team members through honing key competencies of internal coaching
  • Learn difference between external vs. internal coaching and coaching vs. mentoring
  • Continuum of 4 coaching styles 
  • Barriers to internal coaching
  • Applying well researched and globally validated tools/frameworks
  • Measuring effectiveness of coaching through robust frameworks (Monitoring and quality assurance)
  • Building a culture of coaching for results
  • Learning coaching style conversations in following situations : Achieving goals, Driving results, Performance appraisal , Derailing behaviours, Managing escalations, Embracing change and several other areas of growth


 Assured Business Outcomes

  • Increased employee engagement and ownership
  • Self-directed employees increase overall productivity which impacts bottom – line
  • Productive conversations leads the resourcefulness and motivation of the employee
  • Inspired to take up stretched targets
  • Employees see themselves as an instrument which results in new creative ideas to solve business problems
  • Increased level of resilience in employees

Learning Journey Phases

  • Learning : Coaching competencies, ‘Internal Coaching’  model & practicing the techniques through unique learning methods
  • Practicing and Anchoring of the learning under supervision of Recalibrate Columbia Master Coaches  through group coaching sessions and individual coaching to validate/clarify what they are practicing through: Continuous feedback- Reflection-in-action, Monitoring progress- Measuring key success factors and Peer to peer learning during group coaching
  • Certification : Final feedback and certification

Learning Methodology

Primary methodology is experiential.

     Fishbowl style of learning

  • Experience and reflection – Recording real time coaching  & group debrief
  • All participants are listeners & contributors (Peer to Peer feedback)
  • Master coaches in attendance
  • Pair coaching
  • Video recording for experience , insights and reflection
  • 3 way feedback using the feedback framework : Coachee, Coach and Master Coach

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