MNC and Large Enterprise

MNCs and Large Enterprises experience challenges at multiple levels of the organization from the C-Suite to Middle Management. Some businesses maybe more susceptible to Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity than others. However, all business without exception, are under siege from unprecedented levels of Digital Disruption. Who thrives (or survives) in these exceptionally challenging times is largely contingent on how global businesses respond to the threats and opportunities of this new age.

We believe that exceptional leadership and sustained innovation to be key as businesses seek to transform and pivot. Recalibrate enables and empowers corporate leaders and high potentials to be the fulcrum of that pivotal transformation. Our people and innovation mastery, leverages techniques, modalities and frameworks that are well-grounded in research and informed by extensive experience. We are not bounded or burdened by traditional conceptual boundaries, models or singular points of view.  

We have mastery over the following 4 practices which we use as the fulcrum to pivot organisations  : 

  • Executive Coaching: Coaching for us is a science and an art. It’s a way to perform in the VUCAD© world and spurs leaders into action. Our Columbia coaches have helped clients expand their identity, challenge their limiting beliefs & advance them on their journey of growth and renewal.
  • Innovation Mentoring: Any MNC or Large Enterprise is focused on how they can gain a competitive edge, retain valued employees and grow their business. Our Innovation Mentoring practice, backed by our own innovation model combines best-in-class conceptual approaches with real-world business experience to create innovation-led transformational change within an organization
  • Leadership Development and Assessments : A leadership journey starts with a question:“What have you built your leadership on?” We believe it is built on: “Who you are and who are you becoming”“Why you do what you do”“How you do what you do” & “What is unacceptable to you”. We take leaders on this journey and help them pivot. 
  • Pioneering Leadership: In traditional businesses people thrive on clear goals because it does away with uncertainty and ambiguity. Goals are executable and easily incentivised. But what happens when the future in unclear and opaque? Do we wait for clarity? Do we continue to focus on clear goals? Do we optimize only for our current context? What do we as leaders do today to optimize the coherency of our business models for the murky future?
  • VUCAD© = Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity and Digital Disruption