Audience: Executive coaches, HR leaders, L&D leaders, OD consultants/Trainers, Recruiters, Professors & Teacher

Dates: 5th and 6th August

Venue : WeWork, 5th Floor, DLF 2 Horizon center,
DLH Ph5, Gurugram, Haryana

What does NBI - Whole Brain Thinking do for you?

Diagnose “Brain preferences"

Diagnose “Brain preferences or thinking styles of Individuals and teams”. Enable decisions and choices made by leveraging Whole Brain, which are far more superior in-terms of success and speed.

Increase “Organization wellness quotient”

Increase the “Organization wellness quotient” on 10 factors which are critical for 21st century employee.

Leverage whole brain

Enable leaders to leverage whole brain for innovation, decision making, strategy, Beyonder creativity and communication.

Stay “Above the Line”

Enables leaders to stay “Above the Line” by consciously investing time in high preference quadrants and at the same time moving to low preference quadrant as per context.