Pioneering Leadership

  • Pioneering Leadership

 What have you built your leadership on?

  • Who you are and who are you becoming…
  • Why you do what you do in various situations…
  • How you do what you do…
  • What you do…
  • What is unacceptable to you…

If you are looking at galvanizing your team in the absence of clear goals or vision, then you are in the space of what in today’s business environment is known as the VUCAD© world.

In traditional businesses people thrive on clear goals because it does away with uncertainty and ambiguity. Goals are executable and easily incentivized. But what happens when the future in unclear and opaque? Do we wait for clarity? Do we continue to focus on clear goals? Do we optimize only for our current context?

What do we as leaders do today to optimize the coherency of our business models for the future?

Recalibrate helps you master the art of Pioneering Leadership* while maintaining your focus on both Professional and People Leadership.

Pioneering Leadership

Pioneering leadership impact areas

  • New products, services and markets

  • Organizational transformation

  • Organizational growth


Leadership Development Solutions

  • High Potential Leadership Programs
  • Leader as Coach Training
  • Customized leadership journeys
  • Transition Coaching

We map leaders to the competencies within each of the leadership dimensions through best in class assessment followed by a 6 – 9 months leadership journey which includes:


Preparing for the Journey

Excavation: Triggers of intervention

SurveyingData collection: Getting oriented

Obtaining building blocks: Competency benchmarking and assessments & making stories for preparing the foundation



Co-Creating the leadership Journey

IDP creation

Stakeholder Alignment

Methods and modes of Intervention

  • Incubator Labs, Action Learning Projects, Industry Connects …..

 Our Key services

  • Globally validated assessment that give insights on leadership impact areas

  • Transformational Leadership journeys that focuses on driving success, change and growth

  • Executive Coaching that propels leaders towards strategic and visionary leadership 

 *Drawn from Wills, Towers, Watson model of Leadership impact

What our Clients Say

I participated in a 2 day Impact Leadership Program by Deep in April 2015 and that was the best thing I did last year. My journey both as a professional and as a person has been phenomenal and I feel transformed. Deep made me use all the tools at my disposal – my voice both pitch and tonality, body language and inner resources . The focus was on improving my entire persona and how I came across as a confident professional. The good part of the training were the check points along the executive coaching journey with Deep for the following few months, which gave me a great platform to discuss and monitor progress and course correct as needed. He made me put together a solid action plan that I monitor and have already seen visible results.

SVP, Global Logic

We attended a 2 day workshop with Dr Deep Bali and I must say… the workshop was very thorough from a sales and relationship perspective. The insights you shared are based on practical industry experience which enables us to practice and implement the learning in actual client facing situations. The best part of the workshop were the role play we captured that helped us to identify the improvement areas in way we deal with people, at the same time, enhance what we do best. I will strongly recommend your workshop to all Sales and Business professionals who want to ‘sharpen the saw’ and excel to greater heights in what they do.

Global Business Relationship Manager, Tata Consultancy