Sales Leadership

Sales Leadership: The Driver of Sales Growth

Organizations seeking to pivot and transform need to have their topline growth engine primed and ready. Building, fine-tuning and scaling your Sales Engines is a core component of that story, one that requires innovative, creative and inspired sales leadership to accomplish successfully. Do you have such a sales engine? Is it firing on all cylinders?

Sales Challenges Faced by Startups & Agile Businesses

  • Lacks clearly articulated “True North” or vision to align/develop a Sales Strategy
  • No sales and marketing expertise and experience within Founder/Executive Management ranks
  • Sales Engine nascent, loosely coupled and poorly integrated
  • Incomplete or poor understanding of: Competitors (Local/Global), Global/Local Trends, Product/Service Positioning/USP, Technology Challenges/Needs
  • Badly (or too broadly) defined target customers, markets, industry verticals, Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs)
  • Lack of experience sourcing, assessing, managing and mentoring sales professionals
  • Perceived inability to compete with more established and/or larger players in the market

Sales Challenges Faced by Large Enterprises & MNCs

  • Unprecedented market disruption caused by the convergence of transformational technologies has forced sales teams to realign themselves to “sell” differently
  • The following shifts have fundamentally changed the sales dynamic: Products à Solutions, Vendors/Suppliers à Partners (shared risks & rewards), Selling à Buyer Facilitation, Capex à Opex, On Premise à On Demand, Print Media à Digital/Social Media
  • Not only has “what” you are selling changed but “who” you are selling to has also changed, rendering existing relationships and networks inadequate and ineffective. For example, greater business involvement in making decisions related to technology acquisitions
  • Customer expectations of the buying/sales process and experience has dramatically changed. Customers don’t want to be “sold” – they want you to partner and “co-invest”
  • Startups and Agile Businesses have disrupted the market by offering innovative products/services and business models. The competitive landscape has expanded beyond your immediate peer group to include more agile, dynamic, disruptive, nimble and “faster” competitors

Buyer @ The Epicenter: Recalibrate’s Approach Sales Led Business Transformation

Today’s companies irrespective of their geographic location, type of business or size are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Unprecedented changes to how people and companies buy goods and services globally
  • The rapid convergence of disruptive digital technologies has led to largescale disruption of global businesses and their supply chains
  • Complete reframing of the traditional buyer and seller relationship
  • Dramatic changes in buyer expectations with regard to the buying experience, product/service quality, customer care, payment methods/arrangements, etc.

 Unfortunately, the response from companies and sales leaders to these ground-shifts have been less than optimal. Many continue to operate seemingly oblivious to the structural changes that have completely altered their operating landscape. Recalibrate has developed frameworks, methodologies and processes that takes advantage of these disruptions to overhaul mindsets and practices that inhibit growth. By placing the customer at the epicenter of your sales process, we transform your sales organization to one that facilitates buying consistent with emerging sales paradigm

Our Key Services

  • Transformational Leadership journeys that focuses on driving success, change and growth and putting buyer @ the epicenter
  • Executive Coaching that propels leaders towards mastery