Startup and Agile Business

The challenges and opportunities that Startups and Agile Businesses represent require a highly nuanced and integrated approach to igniting momentum and fostering sustained growth.  We at Recalibrate work with Startups and Agile Businesses at different stages of their growth trajectory.  Working directly with Founders, CEOs and Core Team members we make an immediate and lasting impact on their business outcomes. 

We believe that successful businesses are driven by four engines. These engines working in tandem, in an integrated, cohesive and sustained manner produces scalable and repeatable business outcomes. The four key growth engines are: The People engine, The Sales Engine, The Innovation Engine and The Finance Engine.

Recalibrate’s CEO/Founder coaching, advisory (in sales, technology and finance) coupled with innovation mentoring, targets these key growth engines of your business to engender transformative and positive change from their current state to one better aligned and calibrated to support your organisation’s future aspirations.

How we add value

There are various reasons why Startups and Agile Businesses engage with Recalibrate :

  • Some initially retain our Sales Advisory Services to help them setup a proper Sales Engine.
  • Midstream, they realize that they also need our Technology Advisory Services to help them pivot and position themselves competitively in new markets.
  • Recalibrate’s Innovation Mentoring Services helps them conceive and create better products and services.
  • Often the Founder/CEO and possibly other core team members will need coaching and mentoring to help them drive themselves, their teams and the company forward.
  • Coaching builds confidence, enhances leadership capabilities, broadens horizons and inspires measured risk-taking which often spurs Founder’s/CEO’s to seek outside investment, make strategic acquisitions and seek joint ventures. Recalibrate’s Financial Advisory Services can be pressed into service to support and aid the organisation’s expansion efforts.

Why us

The key differentiator between Recalibrate and others is that our experienced experts work very closely with our clients and in concert with each other. The amount of group cohesion and goal congruence we routinely exhibit is unparalleled and without precedent in our industry. We are team that loves what we do, that enjoys working together and is unafraid to take risks in developing innovative and highly customised transformational outcomes for our clients.


Leading Enterprise Integration Solutions Organisation

: The client had seen regular sales growth which has been largely organic and non-structured. The company had been able to build an impressive list of referenceable global clients in its growth journey without establishing a formal sales strategy or process. It had also not fully leveraged those sales wins into additional revenue opportunities (farming). While it had a handful of US based customers, its primary focus had been the UK and Europe with some clients in Southeast Asia. The key products and associated ancillary products of the client constituted two potentially separate but related sales opportunities. The CEO & CTO were plateauing and were looking at an early exit from the organisation in the next few years………

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