Team Coaching

Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean – Ryunosuke Satoro

Where is Team Coaching effective

Team coaching is one of the most effective and scalable method of accelerating progress and achieving desired outcomes of teams that have a shared vision.

Recalibrate’s model of team coaching informs from:

  • Body of work in the global context
  • Rich experiences of coaching and realizing business outcomes for diverse groups

Advantages of Team Coaching

  • Vast reach in case of globally distributed teams
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Peer to Peer Learning
  • Emerging generation of employees get an opportunity to express, which gives them a choice of how their organizations operate 

Our Method

Stage 1 – What’s Happening: Connect with stakeholders, identify key focus areas & Clarify roles of teams

Stage 2 – What Matters: Meet teams and calibration of key focus areas and success factors

Stage 3 – Let’s Go – Coaching around reflecting, deepening awareness and taking action. Check-ins on commitment and accountability. Transfer of skills and process. Check-ins on sustainability of skills.