Whole brain coaching for IT/ITES organizations: Laying the foundation for “Beyonder” organizations

20 Nov 2019

Whole brain coaching for IT/ITES organizations: Laying the foundation for “Beyonder” organizations

Technology businesses (both product and service) in this neck of the woods have seen consistent transitions over the last decade. The big three TCS, Infosys, and Wipro have contributed significantly to the emergence of a whole ecosystem of high tech startups, suppliers, knowledge workers, and infrastructure.

Business for the IT industry in India largely lands in the shape of software product development/enhancement/R&D and shared services business from large MNCs based in the US and EU. IT companies in India per se are slowly transitioning from being perceived as mere body shops to more evolved and niche organizations with the added advantage of the “on-demand” supply of tech workers with both regular and niche skills. This is only the ‘Half-truth’.

If India’s IT industry continues to rely on large multi-national accounts and start-ups in the US and EU for significant business, then the challenge is to carve out a reputation and become the country of choice for revolutionary innovation, beyond ordinary creativity, quality, speed, and accuracy

An over-supply of tech workers and engineers, frequent hackathons, innovation labs, what have you, does not assure revolutionary creativity and innovation beyond the ordinary, nor does it assure a significant increase in customer acquisition and beyond ordinary customer experience.

Through NBI assessments (Brain preferences) and engaging with organizations in the high tech space for decades, we have enough data which establishes that the majority of employees in the technology and engineering space are left dominant in their brain/thinking preferences. What that means is they have and acquire only those skills that are specific to their preferred quadrant (left dominant) i.e Analytical/Realistic and Preservers/Organisers.

Left brain dominant people prefer and draw energy from tasks such as – working with technology, deep research, data analysis, knowledge acquisition, information gathering, deep diving, planning, organizing, and executing.

Left brain dominant people like brief conversations, accuracy, and control. They are more focused on results and less on people. They are not comfortable with frequent changes and prefer to work within a structured and process-oriented environment with little or minimum disruption.

There simply is no right or wrong, good or bad brain preference.


Fact of the matter is, traditional and default dominant thinking preferences will not result in creativity in the “Ordinary zone”. Those who learn to leverage the “Whole brain” will make maximum impact and contribution to overall success of an organization

Whole brain coaching for laying the foundation for “Beyonder*” organizations

Laser-focused performance and outcome-based “Whole brain” coaching to help employees navigate both ; left brain (Analytical/Realist and Preserver/Organiser) and right brain (Imagineer/Strategist and Socializer/Empathizer), so that they can leverage “Whole brain” to create significant business results.

Employees will also become champions of “Whole brain” thinking, speak a language that drives responsibility, passion, optimism, positivity, agility and creativity in the “Stretch” and “Beyonder” zone.


Dr. Deep Bali, CEO & Managing Partner, Recalibrate Pvt. Ltd.  

Deep is a Columbia University Global Leadership Coach, and is acknowledged by business leaders and CEOs across geographies for his super ability to enable leaders, teams and businesses to “Pivot”.

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